Is your av company listening to you? We will.

Most AV companies want to be known for their gear. We want to be known for our ears :)

Many companies think they already know what’s best for you before you even say a word. Experience is good, but sometimes it makes us deaf. Deaf to new ideas and creative solutions. At pixel:) we recognize this, and we fight it by creating a philosophy and culture of “it’s all about you” our customer. We are here to serve you. And, that begins by taking time to get to know you. You’re current AV company may have good gear, but do they have good ears?

Greener Meetings by Using Local Resources

“We believe improving the world one meeting at a time” is more than our slogan, it’s our way of life. It goes beyond how the important messages we help deliver impact audiences and change lives. It also has implications for the way we deliver our services—that we reconsider our options and the methods we use.

One of the main areas we can improve is in how we get our equipment to show site. Trucking equipment across the country from a centralized warehouse is inefficient and unnecessary. Our strategy is to build strong partnerships with local suppliers to obtain the equipment we need in close proximity to the show. This does not mean sacrificing quality. Just the contrary. This means getting high-quality equipment from reliable businesses by building a network of qualified vendor partners across the country. This network also serves as a safety net in case we need more equipment or replacement equipment on show site. And we always have multiple qualified vendors to ensure we can find just what we are looking for. Getting our equipment locally is good for our planet, good for your budget, and it puts money back into the local economy. If we don’t spend your show dollars on fuel and trucking, we can put it to use where it matters—impacting your show.

This is just one of the many ways we look to make a difference. A better show, a better planet. It just makes sense.

inform. inspire. unite. :)

We’re a bunch of the best production folks in the west! (north, south, and east too). Like-minded people with technical know-how and huge hearts. People who love knowing that the work they do matters. And that the messages we help deliver educate, motivate, and improve the lives of others. It’s about helping you deliver your message and engage with your people. It’s your time on stage. It’s your time to shine. And you’ll be glad to know we’ve got your back. We’ll be like your meeting bff’s – your very geeky bff’s.

We think of pixel more as a community than a company. We’re a community of associates, customers, and vendor-partners. We have a refreshing and contagious culture inspired by the desire to serve others and help our clients deliver messages that truly improve our world. We invite you to be a pixel and shine bright!

- :)...